• Guest should kindly present passport, identification cards or other relevant personal document to the reception for registration.
  • Check-in time is at 12:00 PM (please contact us if you need to check in early). Check-out time is 12:00 PM. Guests who wish to have a late check-out will be charged. The late check-out fees vary according to checkout time.
  • Please don’t leave your belongings unattended. The hotel is not responsible for any loss, damage or theft of cash, jewelry or other valuables left in guest rooms. The hotel is only responsible for money and valuables deposited with the reception’s cashier.
  • Please lock the door carefully and leave the key at the reception desk when you leave your room.
  • For the safety and privacy of our staff and guests, no occupied rooms will be serviced while guests are presented. We provide a housekeeping service at time that is convenient for the guest. Please inform the Reception Desk if you would like to schedule the service at a particular time.
  • Government regulations prohibit all gambling or prostitute activities in the hotel.
  • It is strictly forbidden to carry flammable items, explosives, weapons, toxics, drugs or animals into the hotel. Smooking, cooking and laundering in the guest room are not allowed.
  • We hope your stay at our hotel is pleasant and please come stay with us again next time you are in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Please meet your visitors in the hotel’s front desk. No visitors are allowed in the guest’s room after 10:30 PM. Guest will be charged for any loss or damage to the hotel’s properties caused by yourself, your visitors or for any person for whom you are responsible.
  • For all services, please contact the reception desk and kindly settle all bills after received the services.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Any questions or concerns please contact our reception desk.
Thank you for your attention!